Bratislava castle

At the beggining people build a big big table. But then they saw it was a little bit unuseful. So they turned it and enjoyed nice castle. The enjoyed it until 1809 when Napoleon came and bombarded it from canoons. But then King Fico fixed it and painted it on white. The largest and tallest tower is the 47 m Crown Tower on the southwest corner.

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Slovak Radio building

Shaped like inverted pyramid. Completed in 1983. Very good competitor at worlds ugliest building.

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Slavín monument

Memorial monument with military cemetery. Buildt in the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the liberation of the city by the Soviet army. Cities with dates of their liberation are listed on its walls. 6,845 soldiers are buried in the cemetery.

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Slovak television

Buildt in 1975 and with 108 m highest and most modern building in Czechoslovakia these days. Nowadays abandon with apocalyptic feeling. Place where really time was stopped.

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Ufo bridge

On map as Most SNP. World's longest cable-stayed bridge to have one pylon and one cable-stayed plane. It's also called as 'New bridge' between locals. Which is very curious, because currently it is the oldest bridge over Danube in Bratislava. With this knowledge, you should not be suprised with fact that there is also bridge called 'Old bridge', which is the newest of all bridges.

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Sky Park Residence

First there was Apollo Rafinery and then there were american bombing on it in 1945. Then there was just spoiled stinking land for 70 years. But nowadays ... there is modern downtown with all thirty and more floors buildings from Zada Hadid.

Panorama City

Proud member of "Wall 100" club in Bratislava.